Architect and Interior designer couple alters its flat to suit its needs.

With two bedrooms,a rooftop,a kitchen,a balcony and a terrace,it looks large.This is a DDA flat in vasantkunj in Delhi of 1500 square feet which has been beautifully altered to allow more light,air,and more greens in every corner of the room.It has the natural advantages of being south faced and open on all three sides.the balcony has been closed down and the lounge area has been extended into.The owners say"we would rather go in for more clarity of structure and design which has along lasting visual impact."

The flooring has been converted into terracota and the home has thoughtfully placed reminders from places like Istanbul.They have travelled in their college days to Gujarat and Ahmedabad and bought some beautiful curios along the way.The couple has several paintings some of which are abstracts.The frog bench from the road side and the railway sleeper from Mike Knowles.It seems to me that the home has grown on them ..

Image and Text courtesy:Good homes,may 2008