Counting Blessings Counting Blessings

C'est la vie As the year comes to a close we have the opportunity to take a moment and reflect on our blessings. I count you, my readers...

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4:09 AM

Holiday Decorating in White Holiday Decorating in White

Martha Stewart Why do we love using white for the holidays? Perhaps its the way it sets off the table setting or the tree, or decorations i...

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7:18 PM

Even More Holiday Window Boxes Even More Holiday Window Boxes

The response to the Holiday Window Boxes has been so great I decide to post just a few more for inspiration! These window boxes all include ...

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3:22 AM

Creating Holiday Window Boxes Creating Holiday Window Boxes

I love the outdoor decorations during the holiday season but some of my favorites are the window boxes. Whether you live on a big country es...

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6:12 PM

Great Kitchen Design Great Kitchen Design

Here is a great design idea I just had to post - this is such a wonderful, ingenious design. I am anxious to use it in my next project. The ...

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3:58 PM

Playing in Tents! Playing in Tents!

With summer in full swing, I am reminded by my children the fun of spending the night in a tent. The billowy canvas sides create a secret re...

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2:43 AM

Velvet and Linen Velvet and Linen

Please check out my new favorite blog - Velvet and Linen . It is written by Interior Designer, Brooke Giannetti . Brooke has some wonderful ...

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2:39 PM

Transitional Spaces Transitional Spaces

I have been crazy busy with my home renovations, so unfortunately my posts have been less frequent. Here are two wonderful transitional spa...

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6:08 PM