Mountain Trail,Muktheshwar Mountain Trail,Muktheshwar

After leaving the Ramgarh hills we went high upto Mukteshwar hills.Seeing The snowcapped mountains from the hotel was an experience on its o...

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7:31 PM


WHAT COLOR IS THAT... REALLY...? Welcome to the world of gray. And I do mean world. For it seems there are endless grays and gr...

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7:58 PM

At  Ramgarh Bungalows,Neemrana At Ramgarh Bungalows,Neemrana

  The cosy insides of the Ramgarh Bungalows..The Neemrana's always left me amused, mesmerised me , their perfection to the  little detai...

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1:08 AM

 Neemrana @ Kumaon Neemrana @ Kumaon

Last summer still mesmerises me and I still spend the whole day looking at those gorgeous images, that leave me spell bound till today. A we...

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1:56 AM