The cosy insides of the Ramgarh Bungalows..The Neemrana's always left me amused, mesmerised me , their perfection to the  little details that made a non hotel,the old world charm and perfection,the old world furnitures and the blockprints .Each room decorated with the rustic simplicity of the old world.Get elated to a new level.My happiness in those  rustic simplicities, me and my camera,we travel together to the Cosy and unique, in our  own ways...i love these images.

When we saw the Writers bungalows,one among the Ramgarh bungalows,my mind  actually leaped ..the bird suite ,the  ivy flowing on the walls and the yellow button roses just took my mind away...far away into a fairy tale land..

the tea area

all the art work and curtains where in yellow

curtains..floral prints

the small annexe room for the suite
as dusk came ..

amazing shadows..west facing 

 a picture of the old bungalow

Ashok vatika,where we also stayed
the blue room


the annexe room of the suite

inside out

the view was amazing

mirrors and reflections

outside seating

shadows and shadows


ideas and images:Lakshmi Arvind