*Pookalam is an intricate and colourful arrangement of flowers laid on the floor.
*Tradition of decorating Pookhalam is extremely popular in Kerala
*Followed as a ritual in every household during ten-day-long Onam celebrations.
*'Pookhalam' consists of two words, 'poov' meaning' flower' and 'kalam' means 'colour sketches on the ground'. 
*It is considered auspicious to prepare Pookalam, also known as 'Aththa-Poo'
during the festival of Onam.
*Pookalams actually welcome the most loved King who comes to visit his homeland once a year.
*Athaapoovu are usually circular in shape and multi-tiered colourful arrangements of flowers, petals and leaves.
*Normally laid on the front court yard of the house.
*Idols of Mahabali and Vishnu are placed in the center of the Pookalam and worshipped.
*Diameter of a Pookalam normally ranges from four to five meters.
*Its a big creative task, as designers have to think of a new design ever day.

Below is the Pookalam  at  home when Onam came visiting our house.
Some shots of the Flower carpet and my little one..
Gods are represented by clay pyramid like structures in the middle of the flower carpet.

Pookalam at home

Little one admiring the pookalam

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Image courtesy:indianpaparazzi.com