As our homes age, old landscaping and hardscapes need to be updated in keeping with the increased value of our homes and property.

Dave's house was built in the late 1970's and although remodeling and upgrades had been completed inside the home, the outside hadn't changed much in the last 30 years. The concrete on the driveway was cracked, brick borders were in need of repair and there was a large concrete patch on the front steps where a water line leak had been repaired. These were the structural items needing attention. The rest was all curb appeal, which is also very important to the value of our homes.

My first sketches show the addition of a stone facade on prominent architectural features of the home, as well as new concrete and pavers in the driveway, patio, steps and walkways.   I wanted to widen the walkway and do away with the different levels of patio and walkway.
The staggered steps were dated and I wanted a clean look and opted for a mix of concrete and pavers.  We also needed a retaining wall to separate the planting area from the sidewalk and prevent runoff.
We selected Belgard pavers - a very high quality concrete paver with many color and shape selections. (  We liked 'Bella' color and the Dublin Cobble shape, giving it an old world look which blended well with the rustic stone for the building.
The stone facade product was 'Cultured Stone', a man-made but beautiful stone.

  Dublin Cobble pavers and example of use above.

We chose MGI Construction to do the job.  Project underway.  Demolition and grading complete.  Stone going up on the columns.
I deviated from the original drawings in not adding the brick borders, going instead for a clean lined look in the patio and driveway.

Stone being installed on the garage columns and the two patio columns.  Walkway of pavers being completed.  I love the pattern and the soft edges of these tumbled cobbles.

We decided to cap the steps with a bull nose edged tinted concrete.  All of the concrete for this project was lightly tinted beige/tan to go with the stone and pavers and washed for a fine finish.

I love the rustic look of the rock on the wall completed, below.  The client opted for a 'no grout' look instead of a visible grout.   Here is a close up of the steps with bull nose and concrete combination.

Completed project!  A beautiful new look.  A little landscaping still needs to be done, but I think the transformation is kind of amazing, and the look is clean lined and updated.  What do you think?