Yahel and Doris live in Goa, they own a chic store called "Monsoon Heritage". They converted an old house into a style of their own. They say, learn to understand your house first, imagine your house in different seasons and don't look, but learn to see your house in all her moods and you can't go wrong. After all, she will become one of your closest friends.

Monsoon Heritage:Monsoon Heritage is an ultra trendy eco space and lifestyle international designer company. Chosen as one of the 23 most happening designers in the world last year.

Some images of their house:

A kitsch cupboard revamped with pictures of friends...

A logo of the" Monsoon Heritage" the store they own with a dancers picture given by an old friend.
Images bought on various trips are given a natty finish with custom frames. Metal boxes on the table make storage for knick knacks..
View of the living room,The Diva chandelier hangs in there and the foreground can be used as a bar counter when needed.
Red cheap beaded curtains,a teak piece of furniture refurbished.

A more relaxed space to dream,their master bedroom,the rich red wood cupboards sync with this space.

A friend gifted an abandoned tree trunk and they put it up in one of the rooms.

Image courtesy:Elle Decor:Dec-Jan 2007