Shelley has a beautiful home
with a dramatic living room

that just needed a little facelift.

Her dining room also needed an update
Her colors were country blue and peachy pink, but she'd grown tired of her 90's style decor and color scheme. 
She wanted a fresh new current look.
And a few new pieces of furniture
First, a change of paint color to a neutral tan
(Dunn Edwards - Practical Tan)
that still blended nicely with existing carpeting and tile
Beautiful draperies were ordered
(Pacific West Design)
The color palette was selected from the fabrics for
the entire downstairs
Soft sage, russet red, gold and a touch of aqua

New sofa, end tables and lamps
(we haven't finished the wall yet, sconces are going in on each side of the picture)
We kept the fabulous blue chairs and the artwork (which holds great sentimental value), but we did reframe and re-mat the art to update it and work with the new color scheme.
Because we framed and matted them in the same style, they work beautifully in the room, regardless of their individual colors.

We purchased a new, more elegant chair and little table to put beside the fireplace.  The mirror was existing and was not changed.   We still have a little work to do on the mantle.

We turned the grand piano to better show its beautiful lines.
The elegant new draperies frame the piano, and aptly so.
This is a house of music - where piano and cello are taught and chamber music is practiced regularly.

More changes for the dining room -

Beautiful furniture was purchase for this important first entry area

We replaced the dated mirror over the entry chest with this elegant oval
and 86'd the silk flowers for this beautiful little box

In the family room, a 90's country blue valance framed the lovely view

The nautical theme of this room reflected their love of sailing
I wanted to keep the theme in an updated way
We replaced the blue accents with a touch of red, a color that Shelley had always loved but had been a little timid to use in decorating.  The seascape was original to the room.
No furniture was replaced in this room, but we did update the lamps and accessories
and added a beautiful valance, a stripe in reds, golds, and a touch of aqua.
(I'm sorry the lighting was difficult this time of day and its hard to make out the colors in the valance)

Shelley did an amazing job with accessories.  She found this lamp
and the anchor and sailboat on the hearth and mantle
(we still have a few accessories to add to the mantle)
She also found perfect little accents for the cubbies in her entertainment center
The rest we found together - a very fun shopping trip!


This update took Shelley's home from pretty-but-dated to Elegant with just a few changes in paint color, fabrics, minimal furniture and accessories.  We are still working on a few more finishing touches, but I wanted you to see what a few updates and changes can do for a space.  I think it turned out beautiful!

We also reupholstered a window seat and put in a new valance on the landing.  Unfortunately I don't have a before photo of that area - a similar blue valance and window seat cushion - but here is the finished area

The fabric we chose had reds, golds and greens with the same touch of aqua
faux roman shade valance
Comfy pillows with a touch of red here, too and a cushion in soft aqua
 makes an inviting space
(the strong sunlight washed the color out in my photo here, too)

Love to hear what you think of our elegant change.

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Best Wishes,