The Ethnic and much stylish interiors and some corners of my sister's house(my mom's ,elder sisters daughter) in a sleepy town in North Kerala..,my maternal village.Surrounded by lush greenery of a simple village,the interiors have been kept minimalistic and also stylish.Inorder to keep up with the environment that it has been set into,the interiors resemble the ancient tharavadu style with courtyards and plants that grow in it,swings and sloping mangalore tiled roofs and surrounded by white long columns in the verandahas..unfortunately only the interiors have been shot and exeriors will be added later.
Hope the images do the justice for all my readers...

We make it a point to be here once a refresh ourself,and to breathe fresh air....

entrancesouth indian swinga typical diwandining room
a much detailed view of the plants in the courtyards,monsters and palms and some chimes...lighted corners of the kitchen.i love the sleepy light and mild shadows coming in the kitchen

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