On our way back from Sarkhej Roza,we were at the ‘Vishalla', the traditionally typical village type designed restaurant,by Mr. Surendra Patel.Vishalla adds to its pride of presenting the typical Indian culture through its village-like environment with its old utensils museum named as ‘Vechaar'.
A walk around the hut-like museum makes one's heart skip a beat watching at the absolute beauty of the utensils. These utensils have been through the changing seasons and times over years. They speak of the unmatchable art-genius of man kind during the old days.The designer has taken effort in preserving the  rich heritage and not let it pass away with these vessels being lost under the smoldering fire! He was determined to preserve them, and today his dream is a reality in the form of Vechaar. 
as we walked,coloured water and oil ,they were lit with buwas where wick are inserted,(detail post later)

already in time to lit the lamps

utensils in terracota,brass,aluminiun,bronze and various metals arranged on the way

the big urulis

a small temple inside the museum

not only utensil,but also boar masks and different masks where to be seen there

different shapes and sizes

different types of betel nut cracker

dowry boxes

time for us to leave,the darkness creeps in,as we leave

the lamps where lit and they shone all over,it was ablessing indeed
Images:Lakshmi Arvind