Villa Shanthi is a new hostelry set in the French town of Puducherry and it fuses the contemporary with the colonial  style.It also has the chic and the street smartness.the tables you see here are by Tina Trigala and chairs by Martine Mallard(a French carpenter in Puducherry).All made locally.There you can see large calligraphic illustration in tamil  by Murugan a painter.The head boards and side slabs re covered with chettinad tiles ,while the fabric lamp is from Paris.The smaller bundle of vetiver acts a freshener in the room.Rattan furniture is from Weavercraft,New Delhi.The entrance to the hotel has a brass knocker from Paris flea market and an old kerala carving.The tropical vertical garden has been designed by Jan Duclos,a French botanist working in Asia for the past 30 years.Circular mirrors found in Chennai Bazaar makes an arresting mural art on the wall.The courtyard also has a mural done by Murugan based on a work by a French graphic designer Elizabeth May.You can also see a detail of a flower drawn by Murugan.Crockery from Ocean,Lungis into curtains,Laundry basket from Livelihoods,pondi and handmade soap from Auroville...

Tina Trigala says,"my idea was to blend street fashion in a smart contemporary setting"
I think way too smart and chic..what do you all think?Let me know

Contact Details:
14 Suffren Street   Pondicherry    605001 
TEL (+91 413) 4200028 - FAX (+91 413) 4210829 
MOBILE ( +91 ) 8056481994 
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 Text by Sonal Shah,Photos:Bharath Ramamrutham
Information courtesy:Elle Decor April May 2012
Photos courtesy:Elle Decor