Ajmer Bungalow, home to the lovely Mrs Rajika Shukla and Mr Naveen Capoor. Its a typical British Bungalow, built in early 1908. Its a  beautiful home with shaded verandahs, lots of garden spaces, umpteen number of books arranged in corners, attention to each furniture and art item bought carefully and the love and care by the couple. The Bungalow itself has been carefully and lovingly maintained by the Capoors and their joy in the place is obvious.
We actually wanted to stay for a day before heading south. But on reaching it turned out to be a three day stop there. Naveen  a walking guide on Ajmer, made sure that that the trip was complete in all aspects.
I felt it was actually a home what I wished for..books and the wooden feel of the furnitures and numerous memorabilia and its memories all made up that warm and loving home of theirs...Each shot was a frame and pardon me, I found it difficult to choose which is the best and ended up uploading a lot of images this time...

shaded verandahs
lot of furniture arranged in a semicircular pattern

lot of small statues everywhere in the garden

hmmm i have the same chair
stands in the corner shyly

an old table where Mr Capoor does his reading in the verandah, loved the fresh rose here

made of wood...a face,loved the decoration part...flowers
loved the simple daybed here, a very casual way of approach to life seen 
very old chairs of their grandmas..still being used in the dining room..asked us to be seated carefully

a hot tea sits near the dining table

two very old french windows placed in the dining room...
the view as you sit down to eat your breakfast

sundappled dining room and the patterns

a garden beyond the house

lovely interiors

all chairs had the right kind of shawls and cushions

mantel of the living room

the lovely day bed in the living room

jamini roy painting 

prints and books lie everywhere

jaipur nama

small knickknacks added to the beauty

an old small carved round table

an old photograph of aunts mother

fresh flowers floating

All images:Lakshmi Arvind