Kriti Monga  a brilliant illustrator.I sort of bumped in to her work in the commissioned travel dairies for Calcutta which she worked for the Rollcallroll event. Kriti's works are etheral. I love her amazing calligraphy.With her calligraphy and illustrations she loves to draw stories.No wonder she was asked to make travel dairies of Calcutta,she is born to make travel dairies and has almost made of every place she has visited and brilliant is the word to it. She runs the design studio named "Turmeric Design" in Delhi.

As Kriti quotes"For every spark of brilliance you see in an artist's work, there were a hundred sleepless nights they spent setting themselves on fire"yes its the perseverance and love towards art,travel,illustration and calligraphy that takes you to places Kriti.

There's so much of creativity that she's has been featured on Verve,Creative Review,Platform Magazine blog,M magazine,Elle India and the Pool magazine.She was also a part of the Design Yatra 2011.Recently she had been in news of illustrating the walls of Smoke House Deli at the Khan market and Hauzkhas.(More on that later).To see her brilliance in person,i visited Smoke House Deli at Khan Market.See it in the next post.

her travel diary made into a book ,some years back

travel to bhuj

some blockprints

travel to fort kochi

her travels to Paris

travels to SriLanka

travels to Goa

dairies of train travels

diaries of Bengal..

Images:Courtesy Kriti Monga@Turmeric Design