What’s your favorite antique? Several other fabulous bloggers and I were recently interviewed about our favorite antiques over at the wonderful blog, Splendid Willow. Monika and I are like family – we love the same style (though she is younger and much cooler than I am)!! Stop over and read thoughts from several top bloggers and check out Monika’s wonderful blog. You can read it HERE.

tucked beds tracery interiors

I am working on renovating my master bedroom. I have long been enamored with beds that are built in or tucked into wall cabinets. This image above from Tracery Interiors has been in my inspiration file for quite some time. I adore color and patina on the cabinetry. I also love the softness the upholstered headboard adds.


I saved this image from Pursley Architects several years ago. I have always admired the way the architect created a more cozy space in the bedroom by adding the free standing wall. The u-shaped wall creates a wonderful coziness to what could be a large impersonal space. The addition of upholstered walls, headboard and oval mirror really caught my eye. Lovely!

Windsor smith

Here is a wonderful wood built in area by Windsor Smith. The cabinetry is built all around the room and creates the arched bed area. Look more closely and you see it is actually closets. In an old home like mine this is beautiful way to add more closet/storage space. The mirrored panels behind the bed also add the illusion of a larger room and create a spectacular reflection for the crystal sconces.

boxed in beds skona hem

This bedroom from Skona Hem shows a less expensive way to get that built-in, tucked away feeling. Simple linen panels add a special ambiance to this gorgeous room. Also notice the spectacular mirror and Swedish fireplace. I adore this room.

What do you think readers, which is your favorite?

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