Some things make me think for a long time.Why not take a little break from Indian Decor and why not talk a little about Gardening..hmmm Garden decor or Garden Art?

On my mind for a long time and many of my friends and readers have been continuously requesting over time to share my knowledge with them.So today on lets us do a little gardening combined with my knowledge and enthusiasm for art.

Lets make our hands dirty ,dig deep ,plant ,pull weeds and cultivate your innerself. I am available for all enquiries and I am happy to share my knowledge.Today let me share with you the love for succulents.

Succulents have been a huge trend in florals this year, finding their way into eco-friendly and fabulous wedding designs, even bouquets! In one context, they say modern. In another, organic. The shapes and patterns of these plants are like no other.

When it comes to low maintenance plants,succulents are the best.Being mainly from desert conditions,they can thrive without water for extended periods of time.They prefer lots of sunlight in outdoor conditons,if it is indoors they require awell lit spot near the window.There are some of them which are adpated to relatively shaded conditions making these plants indoor house plants.Sansevierias(Mother in laws tongue),Aloe,Haworthias and Gasterias are typically more tolerant to lower levels of light,but they will also produce even with bright light.They are not heavy feeders,a spoon of general purpose fertilizer in spring would do great.

A well drained potting mixture,coarse sand and gravel make the ideal potting mixture.watering should be done when the top 2 inch layer of soil is dry.

Ideal succulents for the Indian conditions are Agave,Aloe,Crassula(the jade plant:small shiny green plant with shiny leaves and red margins),Echivierias(rosette forming plant and sometimes silvery margins) and sedums(stony plant or weeping plant with silvery grey leaves ideal for hanging baskets)kalanchoes,aoeniums(rossettes of black,purple leaves)Haworthias(star shaped,green in colour).There are endless species and hybrids in each sections and the list goes on endlessly..Insect pests are rarely a problem.

Succulents are nowadays widely used in home cant get enough wit these small and vibrant plants.They make dramatic statements wherever kept and also make excellent centre pieces.

Image courtesy:Everday minerals,everyday naturals,Debra Lee Baldwin,Simply 4,C and B daily,Angus stewart,Cookie plus Kate,Papernstitch the blog,belle maison.