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To all my readers, those who celebrate Christmas and those who may not, I want to share with you my personal Christmas wish for all of us. A wish for peace and peacefulness.


Every few weeks I receive a very uplifting story from my friends, Joan, Katie and Meb of The Miracle Chase. I was so inspired reading their story of Rose Mapendo, recipient of the UN Humanitarian of Year Award, that I had to share it with you. Rose’s story brought tears to my eyes and her personal journey for peace filled my heart. Please take a moment and read Rose’s story HERE.

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Over the next year my Christmas wish is that we all get better at achieving an inner peace so that we can all become more open, loving and accepting of others. Finding time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and slowing down to appreciate both beauty we bring to others and the beauty they bring to us.


In this humble quest for personal peace may our actions resonate outward – small and slow but begin to radiate and glow stronger throughout the year.

Thank you for continuing to let me into your homes and your lives through Willow D├ęcor. I feel very blessed that we are sharing this journey together.

Much love to you and your families,

xox Gina