A trip to Ahmedabad three months back and still I sit for long hours in front of these charming images. The restoration of old monuments, havelis, heritage walks are all a part and parcel of Ahmedabad. With a 7 month old baby it was difficult for us to go for heritage walks, so we took an Autorickshaw. The best way to see the city is in an autorickshaw driven by  the loving "Mohammed Bhai". Is there any tourist who comes to Ahmedabad  who doesn't know Mohammed bhai..? Mohammed Ghulam Ahmed, a man trained by the Ahmedabad Heritage Committee. Want to know everything there is to the walled city’s heritage? Mohammed Bhai will tell you when and who built a particular mosque or temple, and just what is so special about it. Mohammed Bhai knows more than Ahmedabad’s history or its architectural gems. Very few havelis allowed us inside and one such haveli is the Mangaldas ni Haveli. As in all other Havelis, this one also has a courtyard, frescoes and brackets and so on..

Mangaldas ni Haveli is located in the heart of the historic walled city of Ahmedabad. It is estimated to be over 200 years old and it originally belonged to a Nagar Brahmin family (Brahmins were considered the highest amongst all castes in India). It is one of the finest examples of carved wooden architecture typical of that time. It was bought by the Mangaldas family in 2006 and has since been restored. It now houses a cafĂ© and a Learning Centre and is accessible by a shuttle service from The House of MG.

was glad the old switches were retained

the door detailing
the courtyard, the airy one

balls and hearts were found tied and they were dancing to the tune of wind

the way up
the doors also had these lotus representations
the windows,huge and large
the cafe centre which is closed now
motifs on the terrace
lovely lotus motifs on the walls,signature of house of MG
loved this one on the parapet lining

the old world feel

steps to keep the pots..
 Still charmed and very charmed and will keep on posting about Ahmedabad..We have travelled to many cities and no city has charmed us so much as this city keeps us haunting for more....

Images and Ideas:Lakshmi Arvind