Wishing all my readers a fabulous New Year and a Wonderful year ahead.

I have lots and lots and lots of stories and gorgeous pictures to share with you all.I kept on thinking ,i will blog it when i get enough and ample time to think and weave a story out of it and never ever got the time,and sometimes thought let the blog site be revamped ,a new look that's needed here,a New Year and never did i get enough time to do all these things in a row.Some among the wonderful trips that we made last year were to the Shekhawati region,in Rajasthan and then another to the lovely state of Gujarat,where we thought within our timeline we would cover Kutch also,but alas the time was not enough and we perched on to see the entire Ahmedabad in its glory..When searching through the pictures,it becomes immensely diffcult due to the zillion images taken during these trips.But I have troubled myself and searched the better among them and here I am in this month sharing the travel pictures and stories each day..Hope you will enjoy them immensley..

Images :Lakshmi Arvind