A very long and tiring journey from Behror took us to the town of beautiful Havelis..The lanes and streets are quite dusty and narrow ,but  the havelis are the glory of the old days ,a must see.We went by car,wandered on foot to the near and far havelis in search of the beauty within.Remembering the bygone eras.The stunning paintings,the gods and godesses captured our hearts and soul..As we walked along..dont forget to walk with us ..
the Sonthaliya gate,the main entrance to the town of Mandawa

the most beautiful arches can be found in MAndawa
as we walked...
there were all heritage structures on each side of the road
a peek into one of the havelis

lot of old buildings ,some were closed for ever and most of them had the caretaker's  family living there
all havelis were distinctly different and none of them had the fresco paintings similar

this haveli had aroom painted in gold,all had translations in french

towering buildings
there werent any striking colours ,but all of them were in pastel shades

it was funny indeed to find a room for phone booth...converted a room..somehow,disappointing the peeling paints and plasters
and finally into the MAndawa Haveli,where we stayed for the next two days...
All images :Lakshmi Arvind,please do not steal nor copy..