Thank you Deccan Herald ,Thanks Savitha ..For giving me the opportunity to write a few words aout my favourite subjects in my life.

All subjects are near to me .Flowers are an indispensable part of me and like wise Antiques and their charm..My love towards flowers made me a horticulturist and the love for our heirlooms made me an antique fanatic...As written in the story I love all flowers and leaves ,even a blade of grass,thts what my Amma had told me ...Love for flowers have been the way of life for us,my Amma being a botanist,taxonomist and a famous environmentalist.Its not fair If i don't mention her ,she having spent 40 years of her life for plants,the brilliance with which she identifies the plants in a second..Still i find it difficult.Anything about plants above ground or under the sea she is the best..

Memories and Nostalgia is what is life all about...the good old memories ,with my everloving grand dad and the greenery of the place where i was born,how as children we used to go to various temples and see kathakali performances,how my grana used to take us backstage are all wonderful experiences once in a life time..Thats what makes  my love towards antiques and heirlooms...

All images :Lakshmi Arvind