As I sit typing ,the last few hours of the calm envelopes the whole world and my mind..

In December  company with me were the pink and red carnations, white gladioli,the blockprints that i adore,the blue and green bottles and the kutchi cushions,snow flakes that fell on the tanjore paintings, the adorable chirstmas ornaments and so much more unforgettable and uncaptured moments.

Finding words is hard at times.  Even good words.  

No matter how long I chew on my thoughts, compose in my mind, my words seem to fall short of explaining the impact, the emotion, the way my heart has been changed over the last few days.(Relevant 11)
 I thank all my friends ,thank you for all the love showered and thank you for all your patience in reading the posts.

All Images and Ideas:Lakshmi Arvind