We all are heading to Denmark this summer. When I say "we all" I mean my three sisters, their husbands and children - my entire side of the family. We total 11 people. My parents, who have since passed away, had four girls and I am sister number three. Sister number two lives part of the year in California and part of the year in Denmark. She has lived between two countries for most of her adult life.
Many years ago when I lived in Germany, we often visited her in Denmark. We did a lot of sightseeing and antiquing. She knew the best out of the way barns and I found some terrific Danish pine pieces.
Sister number two is getting married in August and having a traditional Danish wedding. Her fiancee is a native of Copenhagen, Denmark. My children, and their cousins, are in the wedding and they are all very excited. The photo above is the Danish Royal couple; Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. Just like a living fairytale!
She has planned some great sightseeing for us. One stop we hope to make is Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.
I plan to get plenty of photos of the plate room for my friend, Valorie at Visual Vamp. She would love this.
To keep the children ages 5 through 12 happy we also plan to stop at Tivoli Gardens.
But, back to the wedding. Here is another photo of the Royal couple - I just had to keep this one in it's so romantic. Sister number two has agreed to let me do a post on her wedding when I return. The plans sound really wonderful so watch for that in September.
After the wedding, my husband, children (ages 10 and 12) and I are heading to the Bernese Oberland area of Switzerland. We are staying in the wonderful little village of Wengen. No cars are allowed in Wengen you can only get there by cog wheel train.
We plan do a few days of hiking, which no doubt will inspire me to sing songs from The Sound of Music. The kids have asked me to promise to not break out into song. But it that may prove difficult because the scenery is so spectacular.
We may travel over to Thun to see the Schadau Castle.Or stumble upon some other unexpected and delightful sights. Then we spend our final days in Zurich. We very excited.
So, my international and well traveled readers, I am requesting any information about out of the way locations that we may want to stop in and see while we are there. These are those not to miss spots that unless you have traveled or lived in the area, an average tourist would not know about. So, if you have a moment or a thought, do let me know.
Oh my, I feel a song coming on... lucky for you I have no audio feature.
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