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I've been spending this week up at the beach and nothing beats an outdoor shower. It is such an efficient way to get rid of sand. After a day at beach my children fight over who gets to take a shower first. If I had known how easy it would be to get my ten year son to shower each day I would have installed one years ago.
Unfortunately I can not show you our new outdoor shower because I forgot my camera cable to upload the photos, but I promise to post it in the future.
For now here are some of examples I used for inspiration when we were designing our own.
This is a free standing design. We went back and forth on free standing versus built against the house - there are pros and cons to both. I really like the trellis top on this free standing design.
cabana luxury housing
Here is another similar shower. This shower is a bit bigger with a built in seat and changing area. But the wood just wasn't for me. I wanted a structure with less maintenance.
coastal living
Here is an interesting shower made of bamboo. The maintenance on bamboo is minimal, but the design just wouldn't fit with my style beach house. We also didn't have any extra coconuts hanging around! heisner
Here is a shower very similar to mine in size. Though I like the lattice work and the trellis above, I did not install either. I also like the blue painted interior. This one seems attached to the house, which I like.
cape cod rentals
Here is the photo I gave to my builder to copy. This shower is the most similar to mine in design. Like mine, it is made of AZEK, which is a cellular PVC beadboard. It looks and feels like wood, but it does not ever need to be painted. AZEK does not chip, crack or splinter and can take the salt water and cold New England temperatures. It is a fantastic product!
And, at the beach we are all about low maintenance!!
Have a great weekend!!