There is something magical about a little girl's room;
a feeling of endless possibilities and make believe. Creating a room for a little girl is a charming experience. In this room, I tried to keep a light hand - the soft lavender walls, white furniture, sheer curtains and soft draping over the bed. I didn't want it to be too childish; Sarah is a sophisticated child in an "I believe in Fairies" sort of way. On the other hand I didn't want to lose the 'wide eyed little girl' either.
We accomplished this by the elegant sheer curtains, dramatically draped and topped with gingham checked valances; with a crystal chandelier hung next to big oversized stuffed animals and also with a quiet color palette of all lavender, purple and light pink hues - soothing to the eye but not at all boring.
We added additional gingham valances over the mirrored closet doors for the perfect finishing touch.
And the perfect framed view of the room. The artwork over the bed is by Sarah. Displaying children's art encourages them in their creativity and builds great self esteem. The bed is equipped with a trundle underneath for girlfriend sleepovers - a must. The gingham dust ruffle echoes the valances and the lavender walls.
A toy chest offers much needed storage and also a barrier to the windows which were installed much too low for little ones in this home. It's also a great place for a monkey to 'hang out'.
Small treasures are displayed on a charming white wood mirror where they won't get lost among the bigger items in the room. We also added small white shelves to display her fairy figurines.
Glass doorknobs hold back the fabric over the bed. The bedside lampshade was customized with fabrics from the room and sparkling beaded trim was added for extra little girl glamour.
We finished the gingham valance with velvet pansies at strategic points. (Click on the photo for a close up look).

Sarah's bookcase became home to books, treasures and soft little animals.
And over the bookcase, two adorable bunny prints in soft hues fill the empty space on the wall.
The finished room is a backdrop for make believe and sweet dreams. Every child deserves a place where they can imagine! Childhood is sooo short!

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