Have been missing in action for a while,it was my sisters marrige and that kept me busy through March.Now that its over,I am back to my blogging world.I thank my readers,my followers and people who commented when i was not blogging,I am here to give you more and more of the decor world...

Now that the wedding is over,today lets have alook at the wedding decor,we designed for the much desired dreamy wedding of my only sister    

The Indian wedding
Kerala Wedding 
Indian Wedding flower,Genda Phool...
Marvellous colours indeed,.dont you all agree?
We followed the tradition by using marigolds and jasmine for the flower decoration for this marriage
*A din of bells, drums, and chants; the mingled odour of incense and jasmine flowers wound around the bushy tuft of charcoal black hair of women
*The flute and violin that sang a thousand ragas
*The beautiful semblance of flowers,lamps and Nettipattom(the ornamental headgear for temple elephants during festive occassions and also the beaded umbrella (Muthukuda)used only during festive occassions)
*Headgears of the elephants are all gold plated
*The cacophony of noises,the medley of colours…
Dont you feel its the "celebrations  decor"

All images clicked By Lakshmi Arvind,Pl dont steal them or copy them.Copyright the author