*Wedding at home and its associated busy schedules are over and its time already that I quickly do some posts.

*We love to find home decor that fits our specific taste.

*Home decor that is unusual and not common.

*When we travel to different homes,we would always look forward to some things that attracts you instantly.

*Thats what that happened to me the last month.

* Wedding related travel took me to so many homes and some of the houses of our relatives where I have been to several times when i was in Kerala.

* This time the houses interested me in different levels, one architecture, coz they were all old traditional Kerala houses, with one or two inner courtyards and two the style in which they have been kept and then the light seeping in, which would have interested any photographer.

*These deal with the spaces  outside and inside the living rooms .

*Although photography in detail of these houses couldnt be taken due to the lack of the time we spent in each houses, although will try and post later.

*These houses doesn't contain any rich decor items, but the spaces within them and the light tells us more about the decor in detail.

*Hope you all will like it and appreciate the simplicity in decor.

Pictures were taken at my Dad's Aunt's house(pic1-17) and my Dad's Uncle's house(Pic 17-last)

Orange flowers in profusion in the garden

Verandahs with the jasmine climbers
totally love the two chairs
love the huge palm

beauty of the door

beauty of the jaali
planters chair
my chai
hanging lamp
Reflections take my mind

chai overlooking the courtyard inner

my Dad's Uncle's house
green tiles on the door

Chair ,70 years old

light the world filling light
Money plant in painted pots
Did u all love this?
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Images and Ideas Conceived and taken by Lakshmi Arvind
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