The house of the Noted Interior designer "Rohini Shankar" in the confines of chennai is literally a blue coloured abode.She has tried and incorporated her favourite colour in whatever possibilities in her small space.She does it with windows,glass panes,crockery,ceramics,curtains,paintings and in whatever way it is possible.She has opened the rooms to the garden ,a lush tropical extravaganza.All murals and paintings are by the famous personalities like Henri Rousseau.A wrought iron staircase has been painted in the signature blue.The blue hue runs through the house.Dramatic juxtapositions of colours. From the mezzanine one can see the painting by Chandra Bhattacharjee. The head in granite is by Rajasekharan Nair and the ladder also seems to play a part in the design.If a home can speak of the owner,the this house will shout that its the home of an art aficianodo. She has also used an eclectic mix of furniture along with the modern minimalism.

 All Images courtesy:Inside Outside
Text courtesy:Geetha Doctor
Images courtesy:Prashant Bhat