Co-founder at My Sunny Balcony, Reena Chengappa and Athreya are brimming with ideas. This time they upcycle wine bottles into beautiful colourful pieces of conversation. It was Athreya who painted the wine bottles in warm and glowing colours. I got excited at the look of them, the sheer colours left me in dismay and as expected each of them got sold at the garage sale which happens once in every month  in Bangalore. The photographs or the colours or the paintings, is left to you all to decide which is the better among them...You can find elephants, chirpy birds  and cute blossoms on them.

I am glad Reena for sharing these images here

some elephants
owls and birds
flying birds
a whole lot of them

fishes and flowers
in love with the pinks
monkeys and rhinos
morning blues,still sleepy
hibiscus flower stencilled

in bunches they look awesome

in the gardens

..                                                                   a view from above

All pictures copyright Reena Chengappa.
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