A lazy Sunday and some weekend shopping. Online stores  like Shopo, Afday and Unwrap India gives you a wide range of options  to chose from. Each shop has their clear presence felt in the market with their style of personality. Treating myself to something nice at the shops left me with a positive impact on mood.

Shopo doesn't need any introduction. Its fun and colourful and a market place for anything and everything you desire. Based in Chennai with a team of 2, their effort definitely needs to be congratulated. Handpicked designers sell their stuff online through shopo. They take care of logistics too,  a face to sellers also that gives a trust to the buyers.
durga tote bag

matsya ,my favourites among them

Varnam, another favourite..I am yet to lay my hands on these beautiful products

Unique HAndpainted mugs from Poi Doi 

Yutis duppatas...surely will buy them

Anek Designs potli necklace,my daughter wants them...

shoe lace book f from chromakey
Afday, a Bangalore based offers art for everyday. A mix of traditional as well as new age art and craft. A lot of them are functional products useful in daily life. Their products have been sourced from the NGOs, artists, local potters, designers, amateurs and so on.

Ikat lampshade

guava leaf magnets
kachnar magnet

recycled coasters
banana fibre bags

Unwrap india a fairly new store which sells only handmade things, made in India. Their goal is to bring Indian Handicrafts from the remote interiors of India.
bags in the shapes and colours of kites

kettles as lamps
kettles as planters
vintage boxes
cans decorated
bengal bags

kalamkari coasters

cushions in bright colours
cushions in sea blue

Images courtesy: Artists and the respective shops. Browse through their sections to check out for these products.