Zofanny T Harvey Clock

I am generally not a wallpaper person. I prefer more stark walls to showcase my antiques and artwork. But the Gustavus Collection of papers from Zoffany has me completely in love with wallpaper again. You generally don’t think wallpaper can add patina to a room but let’s have a look. The paper above is called Gustavus and I love the soft faded feeling. It is a perfect backdrop for antiques.

Zoffany Elenora T. Harvey 2

Generally I do not favor florals, but the Elenora paper is just so lovely. Wouldn’t this perfect in a dining room or sunroom? Again, I am in love the muted palette.

Zoffany Elenora T. Harvey

I adore this image – the paper, the chairs covered in nubby linen, the antique mirror and chest – I could live in this room.

Zoffany Medivi T harvey

This paper is called Medici, I love how faded the edges of the design are. These papers really add another layer of depth and Patina to the room. I love how aged they seem.

Patina stlye

Speaking of Patina, congratulations to our friends Brooke and Steve Giannetti of Velvet and Linen for the launch of their new book PATINA STYLE. You can learn more about HERE and pre-order it HERE. To see more of Zoffany’s Gustavus line of wallpapers HERE. Both are great inspirations for incorporating a bit more Patina into your Decor.

(Photos Zoffany – Photo credit T. Harvey)