Home decoration is an ageless favourite.The Comforting elegance of grandeur times,helped me explore more of the traditional decor style.Illustrating the various elements of traditional design became a part of life.I prefer traditional style more at times when compared to the modern,abstract style of design.

The warmth of the traditional decor extends the warmth of the beautiful hues created by our forefathers...

Today let me share with you all some pieces of beautiful things at home,some unique pieces of art which has always remained my personal favourites.Almost all of them have been bought by my grandparents in their golden times..

Simply a photoshoot at home to keep them in memorable cuisine ,lets me think to share with you all....

I hope the photography and the artefacts may interests you..

Silverwares and a small side /coffee table which my mom got as a wedding gift..decades back....

a tanjore krishna painting which a japanese friend (Nakano)of my grandma gifted her years back.Nakano came from japan to study the art and lived near our house and used to visit the nearby temple and they became great friends.My grandma was sad during the time of japan earthquake,no news of Nakano so far..
to Nakano with love
absolute in love with this goddess saraswathi ,which my grandparents bought years back.This adorns our puja room.Yes,this is from the Ravi Varma Collection..

A small silver uruli ,an antique one accompanies the goddess..
this is the biggest uruli we have,an antique one
a brass Nandi near the window sill
absolute beauty/radianceAnother art ,Lord Krishna and Rukmini.,my grandparents bought from Tiruchirapalli when my grandmother went to sing for a concert 30 years back...An Interesting find
a closer look at the art

All images by Lakshmi Arvind
Please do not save nor use them without the prior permission of the author